Marijuana and Interstate Commerce in Arizona

With the ever-growing -pun intended- marijuana industry taking over not just Arizona but many other US states, the assumption would be that, like any other legalized substance, you’re free to do as you please with regards to transportation. Why wouldn’t you assume that you could go from marijuana-friendly Arizona to marijuana-friendly California with marijuana in…

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Prop 207 Expungement

Prop 207 Expungement in Arizona

As we’ve talked about before, things are changing in the legal landscape of Arizona now that Prop 207 has passed. You’ve probably already seen the changes locally, and the future of recreational marijuana use looks bright in the valley. With our definitely-not-red eyes to the future, however, a lot of questions have come up about…

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Prop 207 and You: What You (Still) Can’t Do – Part 2

Recreational Marijuana Law in Arizona

Part 2: What You (Still) Can’t Do Happy New Year, Palestini Law readers! I trust you all rang in 2021 from the safety of your own homes, with absolutely no fireworks, firearms, or just general fires (there’s still a no-burn warning in effect). On the subject of things that work better with a little bit…

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Prop 207 and You: What You Can and (Still) Can’t Do

Marijuana Legalization in Arizona

Part 1: What You Can Do Everyone knows the phrase “good news, bad news.” The good news: Prop 207 passed in Arizona, meaning marijuana is legal! The bad news? “Legal” is not a catch-all for “I can do whatever I want with it now!” Legal also doesn’t mean that everything starts immediately. Because the possible…

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