What to Do if You’re Accused of Domestic Violence in Arizona

Domestic Violence Law in Arizona

Generally I like to start these posts in a lighthearted manner, but today’s topic is no joke and it’s quickly becoming the majority of my caseload: domestic violence. As a defense attorney, I’ve seen my fair share of domestic violence cases, and I’ve seen the amount of physical and emotional pain a domestic violence situation…

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Adultery Law in Arizona

It really is incredible the things you can learn in law, even after 10 years of study and practice. Generally when it comes to cheating significant others, I think a lot of people who have been there have wished they could do something about it. I know I’ve seen my fair share of cases where…

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Domestic Violence Defense in Arizona

domestic violence lawyer - Phoenix AZ

The idea behind the COVID stay-at-home orders seemed reasonable enough: you’re safer at home than you are in public. At least, that would be the hope. While you might have a lower chance of contracting the virus at home, more people than ever, especially in Arizona, are finding themselves the victim of something much more…

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