In The Press

Officer Mcgillis Brutality Case

Police Body Camera Shows Controversial Arrest of Woman, Age 23

Represented Mariah Valenzuela after being brutalized by law enforcement during a traffic stop.

Meet James Palestini | Criminal Defense Attorney

Shoutout Arizona Features James Palestini for an Interview

Learn more about myself and Palestini Law in this fun interview with a local publication.

On the Michigan School Shooting

FOX 10's Troy Hayden and Renee Nelson talk to James Palestini

Interviewed regarding James and Jennifer Crumbley, parents of a teen accused in a deadly school shooting.

Questionable Conduct by Officers

Caught on tape: Phoenix DUI officer's tactics under investigation

Interviewed for article regarding DUI motorcycle officer manipulating police reports.

Police Brutality

Phoenix police fatally shoot man in parked car, sparking new wave of protest

Interviewed for article regarding questions about systemic problems at the Phoenix police department.

Protester Targeting

'It was Like a Hunt to Them': Lawsuits Filed Over Phoenix Cops' Protest Crackdown

Provided defense for Talleeah Alvarado and over a dozen other demonstrators.

DUI Case and Harrasment

Scottsdale restaurant owner, police clash over liquor-license extension

Provided defense to owner Randon Lee "RL" Miller after being targeted by Scottsdale police.