What to Do if You’re Struggling with Drugs or Alcohol (Or Both)

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about different defenses for cases involving possession of drugs and alcohol, or charges that stem from crimes committed when under the influence of one, the other, or both. On occasion, these crimes are the result of poor planning or poor decision making when under the influence, but sometimes…

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Prop 207 Expungement

Prop 207 Expungement in Arizona

As we’ve talked about before, things are changing in the legal landscape of Arizona now that Prop 207 has passed. You’ve probably already seen the changes locally, and the future of recreational marijuana use looks bright in the valley. With our definitely-not-red eyes to the future, however, a lot of questions have come up about…

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Drug DUI in Arizona: What to Know

Drug DUI Law in Arizona

While we’re all very happy that Prop 207 passed and marijuana is now a recreational drug in Arizona, we’ve outlined before the things you can and the things you still cannot do while partaking in a little of the green stuff. One of those things you still very much cannot do is smoke up and…

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