The Power of Attorneys

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Phoenix

There’s a good reason why your Miranda Rights tell you that, once arrested, you have the right to an attorney: because having an attorney can make a world of difference in the outcome of your case. This isn’t just a sale’s pitch or a humble brag, either. In law, just like in real life, it’s all about what and who you know that makes the biggest difference.

When you’re facing charges, you have two options: hire an attorney, or go it alone. On that latter option, I could cite any number of stories of armchair-attorneys who, armed with only the powers of Law and Order and CSI, have stepped into a courtroom and not only found themselves sentenced, but actually made their own lives worse along the way. Without the proper knowledge, attitude, and appearance, a courtroom can quickly become a circus, and no judge is going to stand for that.

When you hire an attorney, you’re buying yourself two things you don’t already have: knowledge of the law and relationships in the field. An experienced criminal defense attorney only knows one thing, and that’s defending those who have been criminally charged. It’s not just a law degree and a passing score on the Bar that make an attorney - it’s also years of experience both in the courtroom and behind the scenes, researching case law and sharing stories with other attorneys, that give a reputable attorney the skills they need to succeed for you.

Choose an Experienced Attorney

An effective attorney also knows how to leverage their relationships within the field to get your case the outcome you deserve. Law school isn’t broken down by specialty: everyone in a law program takes the same classes, with the same people, on their way to taking the Bar. What happens afterward is up to each individual attorney to decide, but the connections made in law school last forever. When you hire an attorney, you’re also, in a sense, hiring everyone they know. Chances are your defense attorney knows the prosecuting attorney, and these connections can often lead to out-of-court settlements and reduced sentences.

Additionally, a well-seasoned defense attorney has spent a lot of time in court. Like, a lot of time. This leads to relationships with judges and courtroom staff. Judges are busy people: they don’t have time for someone to come in and play pretend in their own defense, taking up valuable court time. Hiring an attorney is a fastpass to being taken seriously in the eyes of the law, and may even save you time and trouble along the way if that attorney is known to be knowledgeable and efficient. In the end, it really is about who you know, what they know, and how they’re known.

If you find yourself in need of legal representation in a defense situation, then you’re in the right place. Here at Palestini Law, that’s our mission: giving you the best criminal defense option you’ve got in the state of Arizona. You’re always welcome to go it alone, but why would you when Palestini Law is ready and willing to have your back, no matter the charge?